utrinque paratus
Always a smile, instead of a frown, Always a hand, when one is down, Always true, thoughtful and kind, Wonderful memories she left behind.
They gave their lives for your FREEDOM
This site is dedicated to my Mother & Father who in their own special way were an “ INSPIRATION “
In Loving Memory of Sue, Terry, Kevin, & Robert. R.I.P.
R.I.P Lil
Blanket On The Ground - Lil
With so many viruses and scams around always make sure your computers, tablets, phones are always protected. BUT WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO PAY TO PROTECT OUR OWN AND OTHER COMPUTERS WE MAY PASS A VIRUS TO Check out virus protection for FREE There are so many people out there who get some sort of thrill out of writing a virus or scamming you. It’s a shame that their talents and skills could not be put to better use.
FIREWALL PROTECTION A FIREWALL - a concrete or brick wall built in a building to hold back or keep out a fire A FIREWALL - on a computer acts in the same way by keeping unwanted visitors OUT OF YOUR COMPUTER All the time you are on the Internet, information is being gather by various sources about you. Why do the Government want every Home, School, Office on the Internet? In this day and age your information is more important to SCAMMERS who make lots of money from your information. PASSWORDS are like your door keys so do not pass or lend them to anyone. No genuine Bank, Business, or Company will ever ask for your PASSWORD Would You hand your money to anyone who ask for it. >>>>> NO <<<<< >>>>> YES <<<<< if you hand out your PASSWORD.